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About Proyecto Peru

Offering an intercultural and rewarding experience in the Cusco area by learning, living, and working with locals and, therefore, creating a mutual and beneficial situation for the traveler and the people from Cusco.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare internship and volunteering opportunities with local projects to help them achieve their long-term goals, to arrange Spanish classes with native Spanish teachers, and to provide accommodation at homestay guest families in order to create a wide array of cultural and rewarding experiences for students and travelers from all over the world.

- 700 clients per year
- Top 3 countries: US, Holland, Canada
- More than 40 different projects around Cusco
- More than 20 homestay guest families

Our Objectives

  • To develop the Peruvian community by sending volunteers and invest in local projects
  • To help host families in the Cusco community obtain extra income
  • To provide students and a school for our native Spanish teachers
  • To provide a comfortable home-feel environment for our students and volunteers
  • To give our travelers a cross-cultural experience with the locals
  • To make the traveler's stay a giving and rewarding experience
  • To offer good quality services for a reasonable price

Financial Principle

Proyecto Peru is a Closely Held Corporation (S.A.C.) We coordinate volunteering and internschips for free. We think that helping, without wanting anything in return, shouldn't be charged.

Coordinating volunteering and maintaining a network of projects cost money. These costs and our organisational costs, like rent, taxes, salaries, etc., are covered with other services like accommodation and Spanish classes.

Donations are common use in Peru. The donations are used to buy consumables or to improve projects on the long run. All the donated money goes 100% to the projects. Since Proyecto Peru has close contact with the projects, we watch over the correct use and appliance of the donated gifts.

Proyecto Peru trekkings


Proyecto Peru is located in Cusco, Peru and was founded in 2005. The owners are Dora Elguera and Coen Bosch. Dora, one of the original founders of the school, has years of experience with organizations specializing in language, culture and volunteer projects. Coen joined in 2015 and has the responsibility of marketing, IT and improving the quality of the many services Proyecto Peru provides.

Together with their international team of enthusiast professionals, Proyecto Peru has the experience, knowledge and ability to customize language programs and projects based on every students needs.

Our Staff