When you book your first online program with Proyecto Peru, you will receive a free introduction class. In the introduction class you will meet your teacher and your teacher will explain our online learning environment. Your teacher will also check your Spanish level so your classes will start at the right level. The introduction class will be a maximum of one hour.

Who can take the program?

Our courses are for everyone with a desire to learn the Spanish language or to improve their Spanish level. You can study for business, study, travelling or fun. Our Spanish courses and our teachers are flexible, so we can adapt to your needs. Our programs are for all ages except children as they have a different way of learning a language. You can also use our online program as a preparation for your Spanish course, internship or volunteer work in Peru with us!


The packages we offer are also very flexible. You study whenever you want, the intensity of the online Spanish course is up to you. You can take classes every day, a few times a week, once a week or less. You decide! You can take breaks or you can speed up the intensity. The only requirement we have is that you take at least 1 class every 3 months.

Learn online Spanish from your house, your work, your school or while travelling. The only thing you need is a decent internet connection. You can do a Spanish class with your private teacher wherever you are!

Packages and prices





Starter package


$ 15

$ 150

Standard package


$ 13

$ 390

Pro package


$ 12

$ 600

We work with a standard that consists of 6 Spanish levels, from A1 to C2. All levels consist of 60 to 80 hours of classes, with our fast and effective online course. The exact amount of time per level depends on your talent for languages, your dedication and which languages you already speak. Our experience tells us for example that students who speak multiple languages or who already speak French, Italian or Portuguese will advance more quickly.

You don’t need to buy a book. All the materials you need are included. The online packages of Proyecto Peru are very affordable and we even give you a free introduction class. And notice that the classes we offer are 1 hour, so the full 60 minutes!

We have a flexible cancellation policy and if you have scheduled a class and can’t make it, just tell us the day before and you can reschedule it without any consequences. So try us out like many Spanish students before!

Buying your online Spanish course with Proyecto Peru means taking classes at an accredited and well known Spanish school which has already had thousands of Spanish students. Contact us now for your online Spanish course!