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Volunteer with Proyecto Peru

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
- Howard Thurman

Volunteering in Cusco

Proyecto Peru offers volunteer work in different areas in and around Cusco free of charge. We have an extensive network of more than 40 organisations and projects in and around Cusco that can use a little help from a motivated volunteer. Volunteering with Proyecto Peru gives you a chance to learn a new language, immerse in another culture, develop your career and leadership skills in an intercultural environment, and help the local society.

When you volunteer with Proyecto Peru, you can join the weekly fun activity as well as the weekly volunteer meetings. On these social occasions you have the possibility to exchange experiences with other volunteers and our project coordinator.

Volunteering Cusco Proyecto Peru
Proyecto Peru Volunteer Programs


Many projects ask for a small donation of which the whole amount (mostly $50) goes directly to the project itself.

From the money, the projects buy together with the volunteer, materials needed for the project, like writing materials for a school or medicins for a clinic. Sometimes it is posible to buy materials in the country where the volunteer comes from.

On request the donations are managed by Proyecto Peru. We accumulate donations until they reach an amount, that is enough for buying a long term improvement like computers, furniture or an infrastructural change at the project's location.

Volunteer Work Requirements

  • A minimum of 4 weeks availability for the volunteer work (it can be shorter but that reduces significantly the amount of possible projects).
  • Depending on the level of Spanish needed for the project, the volunteer takes Spanish classes with Proyecto Peru.
  • Accommodation with Proyecto Peru during the volunteer work.
  • Depending on the project a donation of 50 USD (once/once a month) for the project you are working in. You donate this directly to the project.

As a responsible provider, Proyecto Peru acknowledges the existence of cultural diversity and the need for good communications in the volunteer programs. We expect a responsible attitude towards the volunteer work and the project, according to our responsible volunteering guidelines.

Proyecto Peru Volunteering Sports Education


Volunteering in education means working for the future of the children of Peru. Proyecto Peru believes in the power of education. That's why we offer many possibilities for teaching in a public school or social project. We have volunteer jobs like an assistant teacher in a public kindergarten and teaching English or sports in a primary or secondary public school. We work with various after school and childcare projects and you can teach in a NGO that has a social project that provides education to people in a difficult situation.

Social Work and Orphanage

Thinking of doing volunteer work in an orphanage or in a social project with the people who need it most? Proyecto Peru offers volunteer jobs in a local orphanage in Cusco. You can also work with children in a cultural community center, do an important job in a shelter for handicapped children or in a shelter for elderly people, or maybe even work in a juvenile detention to help the guys get back on track.

Social work Orphanage
Volunteer Medical

Medical and Health Care

The medical system in Peru is probably totally different than the health care system in your country. You can help as a volunteer in a medical clinic, or do your internship in a public clinic to experience the way it works in Peru. You can help as a doctors assistant or as a nurse. We also work with NGO's in Cusco that are active in the field of health care. You can work in a social project, focused on avoiding and treating malnutrition among young children in the poorer areas of Cusco. Or in a health project in a village outside Cusco. And if you have a specialization in physiotherapy, you can help in a clinic with physiotherapy for handicapped children and other patients of the clinic.

Organization and Marketing

Proyecto Peru also works with organizations on a staff level. NGO's and social projects are well aware that getting the funding for social projects is getting more and more difficult each year. As a non-profit organization you need to be very clear about what you do, for who, what it costs and what the results are. Good communications are crucial in these times. So help on an organizational level is wanted. Do you know something about fundraising and do you want to help a local organization with that? Various non-profit projects develop new initiatives for funding like a shop for their fair trade products or a restaurant to fund the social projects. With a background in marketing or communications you can help improve the success of these initiatives and the organizations.

Organization and Marketing
Dog Shelter Animal Care

Animal Care

If you love dogs you can do an internship at an animal shelter in Cusco. At the animal shelter project you treat the sick dogs, feed the animals, clean the shelters, and play with them. The shelter mainly take care of dogs that have been rescued from the streets. Our partner organization gives shelter to approximately 50 dogs that receive food and care. There are two staff currently working at the shelter on a daily basis. There is no need to have a high level of Spanish, as project managers can speak English. The only requirement is that you MUST love taking care of animals!


This agency is a new alternative travel option for those looking for outstanding, safe, high quality travel experiences in South America. The founder has over 25 years of expedition guiding experience, and all their guides and staff share a passion for adventure and exploration, allowing them to become intimately familiar in nature, culture, and adventure South America. Their love for this magnificent continent has inspired their commitment to maintaining the highest standards in environmental stewardship and proper treatment of their guides and porters. They aim to contribute positively to communities and the natural surroundings on their trips, and to ensure that these beautiful places remain intact for the next generation. Their next project is to build eco domes along the Salkantay trek. It is an upscale way of travelling Salkantay, with beds and showers instead of tents and sleeping bag. Within this project, volunteers will prepare the campsite for the lodges, construct sustainable organic vegetable gardens to feed the trekkers and teach the sta how to maintain them.

Environmental Proyecto Peru
Website & IT Proyecto Peru

Website & IT

IT is getting more and more important for many of the NGO´s, social projects, schools and medical institutions we work with in Cusco. Many organizations in our network are looking for interns or young professionals to help them with the professionalization of their website or system management. Choose for an unconventional internship in IT with a NGO in Peru. Experience this beautiful country and the Latin American business culture, a valuable experience for the rest of your career.

Other Areas

Please send us your CV if you want to a volunteer job in another area and tell us your preferences. With our contacts in Cusco, we can find a suitable volunteer project for almost everybody. Free volunteer abroad programs in South America... only with Proyecto Peru!

Other Areas Proyecto Peru