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Accommodation in Cusco

Proyecto Peru works with many homestay guest families all over Cusco. They provide a great experience if you want to know the Peruvian way of living and learn your Spanish faster. We also have very nice shared and private appartements. All our accommodations have hot showers.

When you are with a homestay guest family or staying at one of the shared appartement, you're most probably living with other students from all over the world. We can also provide you with a room at a lovely hostal in the historic center. Any of the accommodations we offer includes pickup from the airport or the bus station.

Homestay guest family

A homestay in Peru in one of our carefully selected local guest families is one of the truly outstanding features of our Spanish language, volunteer and internship program. The homestay program involves experiencing the culture of the people and provides the advantage of being completely immersed both in the Spanish language and in the traditional hospitality of a family in Peru. You receive breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. A homestay guest family, with the meals included, can be a great time saving and economic option.

Homestay includes:
  • 3 good meals a day
  • Airport pickup
  • Your own bedroom
  • Shared bathroom with hot shower
  • Shared living room/kitchen
  • Opportunity to practise your Spanish
  • Wifi
homestay guest family

Help your Family

As a responsible provider of accommodation, we are aware of the circumstances in which many families live in Latin-America, especially Cusco, Peru. Although Proyecto Peru is one of the least expensive homestay providers in Cusco, we pay a fair compensation for the services to the families. This gives the families the possibility to improve their livelihoods, give their children proper education, receive better medical care, visit relatives far from away, etc.

Shared Apartment Proyecto Peru


You can also choose to stay in a shared apartment with other international students. All apartments are located within walking distance from shops and from the center. Ideal for independent students who wish to be able to cook and stay with other international students, volunteers and interns of Proyecto Peru. The apartment is fully furnished and with a fully equipped kitchen and all shared apartments have free internet access. You will have your own private bedroom and share the kitchen, living room and bathroom with your flatmates. Private apartments and studios in Cusco are available as well if requested well in advance. Staying in an apartment is a very popular option for a long term stay in Cusco!

Apartement includes:
  • Airport pickup
  • Your own bedroom
  • Shared bathroom with hot shower
  • Shared living room/kitchen
  • Wifi

Combination: Homestay guest family and Apartment

Some students who are planning to stay in Cusco for a longer time, like to have a combination of a homestay and apartment. You can stay for example during the first month with a guest family to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture and during the following months you stay in a student apartment with other international students.

homestay guest family Bedroom
Proyecto Peru Hostal


Do you plan to stay in Cusco and you would like to stay with other tourists? Choose for a stay in a good hostal with Proyecto Peru. Contact with fellow travelers is guaranteed and the hostal offers you great quality. You will have cable TV, a private bathroom, heating, Wi-Fi, free use of the kitchen and free hot drinks. Your stay in this quality hostal includes an American breakfast. The hostal is located in the city center, close to the Spanish school and has a 24 hour reception. You can choose a single room, a double room or a double bed. We can offer you the hostal at a special discount price!

Hostal includes:
  • Airport pickup
  • Private bedroom
  • Private bathroom
  • American Breakfast
  • Cable TV
  • Heating
  • Wifi
  • Free use of the kitchen and free hot drinks