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Spanish Online

Start your journey at home. Many of our students begin their South American adventure with online classes Spanish or Quechua. When they arrive they already have an headstart, beginning their trip, project or classes. And if you continue with classes here in Cusco at Proyecto Peru, you can continue with the same teacher.

Trusted, affordable and flexible!

Having doubts if you have the motivation to do an online course? Proyecto Peru offers highly interactive, efficient and flexible online Spanish courses. We believe that with the personal contact of your private teacher and our online whiteboard, you'll learn Spanish in the most efficient and fun way. We are sure you will like it so much that you will be looking forward to your next Spanish class all the time! Try the first class for free!

The packages we offer are also very flexible. You study whenever you want, the intensity of the online Spanish course is up to you. You can take classes every day, a few times a week, once a week or less. You decide! You can take breaks or you can speed up the intensity. The only requirement we have is that you take at least 1 class every month.

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How does it work?

You don’t need to know much about computers or technical things to use our online learning environment. All you need is an internet connection! We use an online whiteboard in combination with Skype. We will send an invitation to you for the first Spanish class with a link. Just click it and follow the few steps to start the class. There you find a Skype link next to your teachers name and you are in the online classroom with your private teacher speaking Spanish! The online classroom we provide is the best to be found worldwide and one of the most popular systems in the online teaching world. We invested in creating an optimal online learning environment for you to ensure a quick, efficient and easy way of learning!

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Proyecto Peru uses an interactive and lively method of teaching based on learning through practice. We provide students of all Spanish levels with intensive programs designed to meet the individual needs of each student. We focus on improving the language ability of students through conversation, comprehension, pronunciation, grammar and reading. Finally, we examine important grammatical points at each level.

The highly qualified Spanish teachers of Proyecto Peru offer a variety of tasks to help you learn Spanish more effectively. The teachers have been carefully selected according to their academic qualifications, experience and personality. We will assign you your own teacher as we know that a good personal contact is an important factor in the learning process. All students start speaking Spanish from the very first day their online Spanish course starts. So if you want to learn Spanish with personal contact in a time efficient, highly accessible way? Do your Spanish lessons online at Proyecto Peru!

"Learning Spanish and Volunteering"

"Before I came here I started my spanish lessons online with a spanish teacher from here and got the same teacher when I came here, that was very helpful! The people are super nice and they show you around or give you advices if you need something. It's a great expierence and I can only recommend this! :)"

- Marlinuss - Tripadvisor

Who can take the program?

Our courses are for everyone with a desire to learn the Spanish language or to improve their Spanish level. You can study for business, study, travelling or fun. Our Spanish courses and our teachers are flexible, so we can adapt to your needs. Our programs are for all ages except children as they have a different way of learning a language. You can also use our online program as a preparation for your Spanish course, internship or volunteer work in Peru with us!

How to apply for classes

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1. Contact us for planning your free first class:

first class

2. You'll receive an email with a link to open up the classroom from where you start your Skype session. Get to know your teacher and the tools we use and start with your first Spanish in minutes.


3. To continue classes, choose your package with the application form, pay for the program and have fun learning Spanish with us.