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Standard Spanish Programs

Our Spanish courses run from Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon, throughout the year. You can choose between group classes and individual lessons. Spanish programs range from 2 hours a day (10 hours a week) to 6 hours a day (30 hours a week). All levels, from beginner to advanced, are available.

Spanish Group Course

Our most popular Spanish course! Courses start every Monday, year-round. The standard group course is 20 hours per week. From Monday to Friday, you will have 4 hours of Spanish classes, which consist of 4 sessions of 55 minutes each day. Our maximum class size is 4 students per group.

Classes with Proyecto Peru

Individual Spanish Course

We offer a personalized method of teaching based on each student’s specific needs. An individual Spanish course can start any day (Monday to Friday) year-round and consist of 4 sessions of 55 minutes per day for a total of 20 hours per week. Classes can be held in the mornings or afternoons.

Individual classes with Proyecto Peru

Individual Super Intensive Course

Our super intensive Spanish course is 30 hours per week, 6 hours of Spanish per day. If you want to learn Spanish fast, this is your program!

Individual Spanish Half-Course

This course is for you if don't want to spend 20 hours a week. This Spanish course is 10 hours per week, 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday. This is a good option if you already speak some Spanish and want to improve your skills or if you are volunteering or doing an internship in Cusco.

Break inbetween classes

Spanish per Hour in Cusco

Do you want to improve your Spanish in your own available time?. If you have a few days to study, come by at Proyecto Peru. We offer flexible programs. Courses start with as little as 4 hours of classes to teach you some basics of the language for travel purposes. If you are a complete beginner, you will learn: How to present yourself (my name is…, I’m from… etc), hello's and goodbyes, ordering a meal in a restaurant and your favorite drink in a bar, getting a hotel room, taking a bus, asking for directions, asking someone to take a photo, buying a tour/trip and negotiating prices, saying what you want and what you like and what you don’t.

All programs include:
  • Study materials
  • Studying Spanish individual or in a small group, no more than 4 students
  • A written test to make sure you are placed in a group of students with the same level
  • Certificate of your Spanish course